Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Meltdown

Last weekend Laddy, Ellie and I ate lunch at Panera. We had no idea one chocolate chip cookie would cause such drama from our normally very generous daughter. She’d eaten about three quarters of it, with Laddy and me both grabbing a bite, and he’d brought the rest to the car to see if she wanted to finish it. That was the beginning of the meltdown.

Laddy: “Ellie, would you like the rest of this cookie?”

Ellie: “No thanks.”

Laddy: “Are you sure?”

Ellie: “I’m sure.”

Laddy: “You’re finished then?”

Ellie: “Yes. Finished.”

Laddy: “Okay. Since you don’t want it, I’ll eat it.”

Ellie: “NO! I don’t want you to have it.”

Laddy: “Ellie, if you don’t want it, it should be fine for me to eat it.”

Ellie: [crying] “But I do want it! I want to save it!”

Amy: “No. You’ve already said you don’t want it three times. You're finished.”

Ellie: [screaming] But I do! I’ll eat it now!”

Laddy: [trying to make a point about sharing] “No, Ellie. That’s not the way we act. You already said you don’t want more, and now I will eat this last bite.”

Laddy popped the last piece of cookie into his mouth.

Ellie: [hysterical] “That cookie was my friend! That poor, poor cookie!”

Laddy and I tried to keep from totally cracking up because the entire event was so ridiculous. And honestly, she hadn’t thrown a fit like that in a very long time. Thank goodness. A few miles down the road Laddy pulled into a parking lot to run an errand. Ellie and I hung out in the car so she could calm down, and I had great hopes that I could rationalize with her.

Amy: “Ellie, if you don’t want something you should want your family or friends to have it. Your daddy’s going to be back in just a few minutes. If you’re a smart girl you’ll tell him you’re sorry for acting like that and you love him.”

Ellie: "Well, [in a very matter of fact tone] I guess I’m not a smart girl.”


  1. Made me smile....Ellie is one Smart Cookie!

  2. :) Thanks, Teri. She is, and just a tad stubborn too!