Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Daughter the Comedian

Kids are smart. And hilarious. My three-year-old is especially funny when she's not trying to be. Sometimes we shouldn't laugh, or at least we shouldn't laugh in front of her. But that's easier said than done. 

After spending a lot of time trying to conceal my blemishes before work one morning: “I’m so sorry you have those boo-boos on your face, Mom.”

After telling me her tummy hurt I encouraged her to sit on the potty: “Mom, I believe this poop is taking a nap.”

Just out of the blue one day: "You're a very good cooker, Mom, and Dad's a good picker upper."

While channel surfing one night and pausing on a TLC preview of the 600 lb woman: "Her big!"

When trying to teach her a song my mom taught me that spells B-I-B-L-E, and she promptly corrected me. “No, it goes B-I-N-G-O, Mom!”

While cleaning off Shelby's muddy paws for what felt like the 100th time one day: "I feel ya, Mom, that dog gets on my nerves sometimes too."

When I asked her to wash her hands before dinner one night: "Let's do this. My hands are filthy!"

While eating breakfast one morning when I must have still been tired and maybe just a little grumpy: "I believe you need more of that mommy coffee today."

When we were trying to convince her to pee in the potty: "I'm sure a Popsicle would help me do it."

While resting on the couch one night: "Let's not be lazy, Mommy. Let's get up and dance!"

While hanging out at home one evening: "When do you guys think you can clean this mess up?"

Just before the opening kickoff of the Superbowl: "Go VOLS!"

One night when she didn't want to sleep by herself in her bed: (through tears) "But we're a family, and families are supposed to stick together!"

A good effort before bath time one night: "We don't have to wash my hair tonight do we, Mom?"

One night as I placed dinner on the table: "I'm not hungry for this at all. I think I'll just have Popsicles."

When my husband didn’t fully shut the bathroom door, and she peaked through the door: “Wow, Dad, that’s cool. I didn’t know you had a squirt gun like that!” 


  1. I am seriously laughing out loud in my office as my manager gives me funny looks. I am so jealous I'm not friends with her, I feel like we could be a good time together. :)


  2. You definitely would, Dana! You'll have to come and visit us sometime soon! :)

  3. I love your stories!!