Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lessons Learned From Vacation

My family and I have been back to reality from our beach vacation for just over a week. We had a fantastic time, and since then I've had time to think about the fun we had and the lessons I learned.

What I Learned About Myself
1.) I'm not nearly as low maintenance as I'd like to think I am.
2.) Being in the sun and sand fills my soul.
3.) My so-called "wash and go" haircut only actually works at the beach. The humidity turns my normally annoying waves into real curls. Huh, it's too bad I'm only there seven days out of 365.
4.) I really need to put my elliptical machine to better use.
5.) I used to have a bladder of steel when traveling. Since giving birth, not so much.

What I Learned By Observing Others
1.) Many tattoos are really very poor decisions.
2.) Always wear sunscreen.
3.) If you have naturally dark hair do not wear poorly lined white swimsuits.
4.) People who are rude and gutsy enough to light up a cigarette in an elevator really don't care about your opinion of the situation.
5.) If you have naturally dark hair and really wish to wear a white swimsuit be sure you have family and/or friends who will tell you the truth.

What I Learned From My Daughter
1.) Find the beauty in everything. 
While collecting sea shells Ellie would grab handfuls of everything and put it all into her bucket. When I asked her why she was picking up the broken pieces she replied, "Because they're beautiful, Mama." She was definitely right.
2.) Go hard or go home. 
When you're at the beach you should definitely make the most of it, right? That's my daughter's philosophy anyway. She would play so hard she'd have a difficult time finishing lunch before nap time.
3.) Always celebrate life. 
After a full day in the sun, a nice shower and a great dinner, she looked up and said, "This is the best party ever!" I couldn't have agreed more. 
4.) When someone is critical of you, ignore them and keep moving forward. 
While playing on the beach one day Ellie met a "friend" who was about twice her age. This wise four-year-old girl was also a little on the bossy side. I sat there listening to this girl's mother over share about her life while cringing and biting my tongue as the girl began to criticize my baby's sand castle building abilities. Ellie continued to do her own thing while the girl gabbed on and on that she wasn't doing it correctly. I proudly watched Ellie and smiled trying to continue to half listen to the lady. Ellie liked her castle and could have cared less what anyone else thought. I hope and pray I can help her maintain that confidence. 
5.) Sometimes a girl just needs to eat dessert first. 
My sweet baby's always in the mood for a popsicle (lately she prefers grape), and at the beach she changed her words from, "I wanna popsicle," to "I need a popsicle." Smart girl. And why not? We were on vacation. So I had one too!


  1. I think I learn from you every day, my dear!

  2. You are so kind, Charlene. Thank you! I definitely learn lots from you too! :)