Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Persistent Popsicle Princess

The scene takes place at about 7:45 p.m. in our living room. It’s just before bedtime, Ellie’s sporting cute, purple cupcake PJs, and she’s already brushed her teeth. A previously DVRed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on TV and almost to the hotdog dance scene. We’re getting ready to select books for our nighttime stories.

Ellie: I need a snack. I wanna popsicle.

Mom: It’s too late for a popsicle. Would you like an apple?

Dad: I’ll peel you an apple. 

Ellie: No! I wanna popsicle! (frowns) 

Dad: How about a banana?

Ellie: I don’t wanna foonana. I WANT A POPSICLE! I want red. Please! Please, Mommy! Please, Daddy! I wanna popsicle!

Mom: You’re not going to get a popsicle tonight. It’s almost bedtime. You may have an apple or a banana. 

Ellie: I WILL HAVE A POPSICLE! RED! (stomps foot and crosses her arms)

Dad: (with a much firmer tone) You’ll have nothing making demands and acting like that. You may have an apple or a banana.

Ellie: (fights tears) But I need a popsicle. I need a popsicle in my mouth. A red popsicle. PUH-LEASE!

Mom: (tries hard to keep from laughing) Would you like an apple or a banana?

Ellie: (sighs and looks defeated) Okay. I’ll have a foonana. 

Mom: I think I’d like to have an apple.

Dad: I’ll get it.
(Dad leaves and returns with a banana, an apple and a knife, and he hands an opened banana to Ellie.)

Ellie: Thank you, Daddy. (She smiles and takes one bite.) I don’t like foonanas anymore. I wanna popsicle. Please, Daddy! 

Dad: You may have a popsicle tomorrow… not tonight, but tomorrow. 

Ellie: I will have a popsicle tomorrow?

Mom: Yes. Tomorrow you may have a popsicle. Would you like to share my apple tonight?

Ellie: Thank you, Mommy.
(Mom and Ellie eat the apple.)

The scene changes to the next morning in our bedroom. Ellie has found her way to her parents’ bed at some point during the night. The time is now 7:03 a.m.

Mom: (smiles) Good morning.

Ellie: It’s tomorrow. I wanna popsicle now. A red one.

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