Friday, August 20, 2010

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all."

I saw this saying on a sign this week, and it made me smile because it's so true. It's not that turning into my mother is a bad thing. My mom is fantastic; she's a wonderful mother and an amazing grandmother. A true lady. It's just ironic when I catch myself doing, saying or thinking the things that used to drive me crazy when I was a kid.

Here's my current top 10 list of things that show I'm slowly but surely becoming my mom:

1) I don't really function very well until I've had a cup or two of coffee every morning.
2) I reminisce about the days when a gallon of gas was less than a dollar.
3) I've become a cheerleader for team fruits and vegetables.
4) I believe fast food restaurants are the devil.
5) I'm impressed when I'm still awake after 11:00 p.m. Sigh.
6) I remember when a little cough or sneeze was just a little cough or sneeze.
7) I haven't said it out loud, but I've definitely thought: if this child doesn't hush I could give her something to cry about!
8) I'm constantly frustrated with "kids these days" and their lack of customer service.
9) I've made good friends with the crockpot.
10) As much as I hate to admit it I've licked my finger to "clean" my baby girl's face. I know, I know.

I actually hope I can become half as successful as my mother. I mean look at how incredible I've turned out! :) And my sister's pretty okay too. :) The truth is if someone ever thought I was like my mother it would be a huge compliment to me. She is the best woman I know. Loving. Beautiful. Smart. Selfless. Growing up, she constantly put her family's needs before her own. Before having a chid of my own I could never understand why she always preferred to go without in order for us to have more. Now, I know. It's no longer about me whatsoever.

"I didn't listen to her because she was my mother & wouldn't know anything until I was much older."


  1. I'll never forget the first time I looked in the rear view mirror at my two kids and said, "Don't MAKE me pull this car over!!!!!" Echoed in my head for a week...

  2. Your mother (and father) are truly too amazing for words. My husband and I were also lucky enough to grow up with parents who fit into that category. A few years before having kids, I remember discussing this with my husband. I told him that I thought everyone grew up in homes like ours. It was very disturbing for me to learn that our homes were the exception; not the norm.
    I hope we can create the same environment for our daughter.
    This morning, my little one awakened early. I told her that her daddy was flying home today (after a 3-day business trip.) She said, "Clothes. Go get Daddy." So, we dressed. She got my keys and stood by the door. I had to load her into the car and drive her to the aiport (about 2 hours away) to meet daddy. -- Even though he had a car at the airport, I suppose she thought that she couldn't wait for him to make the drive home!
    During the day trip, I heard myself saying things my mother did.
    1. Come on shake your tail feather. We're going to be late.
    2. Be CIVIL! (for inappropriate actions)
    3. And, my grandmother's personal favorite, "Fly around, fly around, fly around hawk.. dab down and catch a chicky chicky," while trying to feed a distracted toddler in Olive Garden. -- That one just shot out of my mouth.. I don't think I have either heard or said that since I was her age! -- Brain Pain! Where in the world did that come from????

  3. @Greg - Your post made me laugh out loud! Thanks! I'm sure I'll have to pull that one out too sooner or later.

    @ Tonya - You're so right about not thinking all children are as loved as ours. I think it's so sweet that your baby girl needed to greet her daddy asap. Love that! BTW, great article in the Mountaineer. How cool is that?! I didn't even know about your little star!